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We’re back!

Many good things have evolved during our sabbatical. Virtually all of my production has been subcontracted to long-standing, reputable businesses that are excited to share our current goals. It was also a goal to use USA companies for as much of the process as possible. The HONEYBEEs are entirely produced in the US. In the future, only the hooks may have to be imported from time to time. But as of this date, it is not necessary.

We have a number of great products that are in stock and will cvontinue to replenish on an ongoing basis as the various manufacturing steps are completed. The first products to be offered on our site are the HONEYBEEs. The next products will include the tapes. The OPTIMIZERs will follow that. As we begin to take care of these three items, we will look to adding the balance of existing products and some new ones that have been developed.

Thank you very, very much for your patience.

- Jim Martino

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