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The Tamiron Hive of Fame
Trophy-winning fish caught on Tamiron Honeybee lures

2012: Another Trophy on a Tamiron Honeybee!

Another prize-winner!

Gerry Hartley, of Fairfax, VT, caught this beautiful Salmon on a Tamiron Honeybee #1592, earning a second place trophy and $780.00 cash in the 2012 LCI All-Season-Tournament on Lake Champlain

Gerry reports: "Keep in mind, this is a ''points' tournament where in the cold water division, Salmon are up against Lake Trout. My fish held first place thru three months and then was finally beat by a HUGE lake trout. In the final, this was the only Salmon in the top 5 and placed it SECOND! Thanks to Tamiron Sporting Goods and Honeybees!"

Specifically,a Tamiron Honeybee #1592.
2011: Record Salmon on a Tamiron Honeybee!

Wilmington, Vermont - June 21, 2011

Lady angler Effie Mayhew shows off the
largest salmon ever caught
in the Lake Champlain International Fishing Tournament,

during the 2011 30th Annual LCI Father's Day Derby,

on a
Tamiron Honeybee #1601
renamed "Effie's Dream" in her honor),

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